Kew Gardens

Following a preliminary design concept prepared by the client and accepted proposal submitted by John Procter of Aquaflow WTS LTD, we engineered the fully integrated skid mounted RO system shown in the photo above.

The main tropical glasshouse, old & new quarantine houses and micro-propagation buildings required controlled, low TDS water. This is required for irrigation, watering and misting.

The original ageing system was grossly undersized, so a major refurbishment program was established by an outside consulting engineer.

The new system comprised duplex water softeners, duty/standby pumps, twin carbon filters and twin, 1200 lph, reverse osmosis modules

All were pre-plumbed on a skid with individual bypass to maintain operation during servicing. The system also featured a remote conductivity cell, blending valve and integrated control panel with BMS linked alarm conditions.

On site, an external concrete base was cast to receive the two skids arranged in an L-shaped configuration. The skids were bolted together. The following day a pre-fabricated GRP enclosure with lighting, power and tubular heater was lowered into position over the top.

Final wiring and inlet / outlet connections were made, followed by commissioning within the 48 hour window ensuring a continuity of essential water services.

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