Our Markets

Euraqua support our customers operating in most market sectors with emphasis on the following:

Our customers are the many large and small water treatment companies around the country and our scope of services cover a very wide spectrum, from the supply of a spares kit for a Clack valve, needed next day through to an engineered ultrapure water treatment plant needed in 10 weeks.


Building Services, Utilities and Data Centres

We can support our customers with the supply of individual products or provide complete process skids, custom engineered to suit your client’s requirements. Typical water treatment applications include: Humidification, glass washing, boiler feedwater and cooling/heating systems. Most of these
applications require scale reduction and/or sterilisation of the water circuit usually accomplished by either Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Electro-deionisation (EDI) and or Ultraviolet disinfection.

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2x 8m3/hr Softening, GAC, RO, EDI and Mixed Beds for EfW Power Plant.


Power Generation / Energy from Waste

Both simple cycle and combined thermal power stations as well as biomass systems do require varying degrees of water treatment, whether it be simple filtration and softening of incoming water for a low pressure boiler or a more sophisticated system based on Reverse Osmosis and EDI for a high pressure boiler requiring <0.1 microsiemens/cm water quality. Euraqua have built and supplied many systems to our customers serving this market.

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Water Supply

When new groundwater supplies are required for remote /isolated communities and factories, our filtration products can treat the majority of common contaminants including: Turbidity, Iron & Manganese, Hardness, pH, Nitrates and Organics. As stockists of major specialist medias we can help select the optimum filtration system for our customers.

For more information on our range of filtration / softening and RO products please visit our products page

Euraqua standard ROPRO4 RO system
900 lph Duplex RO with Sanitisable ring main for Endoscopy Unit.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Purified and sterile water is critical within many healthcare sectors including the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) within Hospitals. By integrating our products into our customers’s design we have supplied many own label bespoke systems to hospital trusts around the country. Most of our units are custom built for manoeuvrability within the narrow confines of healthcare buildings. We already build own label complex sanitisable RO/ UV systems for several blue chip clients.

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Pharmaceutical production

We have built, tested and commissioned many water purification skids to the most demanding of markets – Pharmaceutical . This industry demands the highest level of traceability and quality of materials and consequently requires significant QA/QC and documentation. With the support of our customers’s engineering we are able to provide this level of expertise to the end user. Processes supplied include: Hot softening, Endotoxin UF, UV, Sanitisable RO and EDI.

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2.5m3/hr RO / EDI unit
20m3/hr backwashable UF skid


Food & Beverage

Many of our customers operate in this sector providing both potable and process water as well as wastewater treatment. Water usage efficiency is a major KPI adopted by most manufacturers and consequently we are seeing an increase in the need for water and wastewater recycling processes. With our large stock of standard products, including RO and EDI units we can offer competitive and efficient process solutions for our customers often on short lead times.

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