Ion Exchange Resin and Media

We stock a wide range of ion exchange resins and filtration media inside our temperature controlled warehouse.

Mostly available for next day delivery, packed in 25kg/litre bags. Our warehouse stock includes:

  • Water Treatment Ion Exchange resins from Purolite and Indion
  • Iron Removal Media – Birm®, Pyrolox®, Jurapearle®, Phlocrite®
  • Activated Carbon Media – Coconut Shell, Acid Washed, Anthracite, Bone Char 216
  • General Filter Media – Filter Sand, Support Gravel ,Filter AG®, Turbidex®

Please refer to Resin & Media Data sheet for more details of all stocked media.

Technician with a white helmet

Our technicians

With over 30 years experience in supplying softeners

Our engineers can help select the right softener and provide guidance with operation and maintenance.

Operation and maintenance manuals for all our standard softeners are also available.

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